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M-LINE - High Pressure Mobile Washer


A high-pressure mobile solution.

The M-Line High Pressure Mobile Washer is the perfect mobile washing system for product contact parts of any pharmaceutical IBC, drum, preparation tank and bulk container.

Built in compliance with the main regulatory guidelines, the M-line can be easily moved and connected to various washing stations.

The machine can be coupled to a wide range of cleaning heads and to hydrokinetic lances to obtain a 360° coverage of all the surfaces in a 1.5 m (60 in) radius. Containers can be installed with the washing heads through dedicated/custom fittings.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications (CIP and COP).
  • Innovative design to improve ergonomics; it’s reduced weight ensures the washer is easy to handle and move.
  • Easy to move and connect to various washing stations. 
  • Can be couple to a wide range of cleaning heads and to hydrokinetic lances to obtain 360° coverage of all the surfaces In a 1.5m (60in) radius.
  • Made of AISI 316L, GMP and FDA compliant.
  • Up to 70 Bar (1015 PSI) for outstanding water action and quick cycles.
  • Only 40L/min (9 gal/min) water flow for reduced water and chemical consumptions.

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M-Line - Options and Accessories


IBCs Cleaning System

  • For IBCs up to 2200 mm (86,6”) high and max diameter/footprint 1600 mm (63”).
  • Automatic cleaning head pneumatic lifting system, working range of 2000 mm (78,7”).
  • High pressure hydrokinetic head featuring 4 orbital nozzles.
  • Maximised results for every IBC size and shape, thanks to fine positioning at different heights and 360° coverage of the cleaning head.
  • Inclusive of AISI 316 S/S lid for bin openings up to DN400.
  • Support structure lower than 3000 mm (117”), footprint of 405 x 405 mm (16” x 16”).


Drums Cleaning Kit

  • Suitable for drums with diameter up to 800 mm (31.5”) and height up to 1100 mm (43.3”).
  • Electropolished AISI 316L drum supporting frame; manual adjustable holding system to easily manage different drums sizes.
  • High pressure hydrokinetic cleaning head with semi-sphere spraying pattern.
  • Easy to open side protective panels; ergonomic tilting aid tool, allowing drums ergonomic loading and unloading.
  • Structure, panels and drain tanks made in AISI 304.
  • Overall dimensions: 1100 x 1200 x 1860h mm (43.3” x 47.2” x 73.2”h).
  • Max holding system height: 2500 mm (98.8”).


Drying Mobile Unit

  • Electrical heat exchanger to warm drying air up to 70°C – 158°F.
  • Pre-filter (G4) and HEPA (H14) filter equipped with ports for integrity testing and differential pressure monitoring system.
  • Hot air fan with a flow rate of 700 m3/h (412 cfm) equipped with anemometer for air-speed monitoring.
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley automation systems FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliant.
  • Automatic intercept electric valve for back-to-back washing and drying phases.
  • ASME BPE 4” clamp outlet with multiple length DN100 hoses and S/S 316L passivated lid suitable for bins with max DN400 openings.


Blender cleaning

Ideal for:

  • Automatically clean a large and tall blender.
  • Reduce the down-time of the equipment increasing productivity.
  • Implement a fully validated cleaning process, faster and cost effective.
  • Increase the safety for the operators.

Thanks to the M-Line features:

  • Multiple hydrokinetic lances connection for total internal volume coverage.
  • 70Bar | 1015Psi water pressure for an impressive scraping effect on surfaces.
  • 7 min total cycle time.
  • Low water consumption: only 40l/min | 10gal/min.
  • -82% water, -90% time compared to previous manual cleaning process.

Bin cleaning

Ideal for:

  • Automatically cleaning IBS of multiple sizes
  • Minimise cross-contamination risks through an automated cleaning process.
  • Shrink storage space thanks to reduced downtime for cleaning.
  • Reduce water and detergent consumption.

Thanks to the M-Line features:

  • One hydrokinetic lance to fit multiple size containers.
  • Lid to contain water splashes and allow cleaning of the manhole edge.
  • Non water-soluble sticky product: Results of cleaning validation
    • 2 min washing time with alkaline detergent at 0.1% concentration
    • 4 min rinsing with PW
    • 240 l / 63 gal water consumption
    • In-line conductivity control compliant
    • Lab TOC control compliant
  • Lower water and detergent consumption: great savings in effluent treatments.


Additional features

  • Wheel mounted ABS crash-proof covers.
  • Quick lock connections for hydrokinetic lances.
  • Multiple water quality inlets.
  • Detergent dosing stations available.
  • On-board electrical cabinet.
  • Final rinse water conductivity control.
  • Built in compliance with the main regulatory guidelines
Footprint 755mm x 1440mm
Height 1250mm
Weight 300kg
Pressure 70 Bar
Waterflow 40L/min


Built in compliance with the main regulatory guidelines:

  •  GAMPS
  • cGMP
  • ISPE baseline
  • FDA (including 21CFR part 11)
  • CE Marking
  • UL Listing