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For more than 30 years IWT (part of the Tecniplast Group), has specialised in the design, development, manufacture and installation of outstanding washing solutions.

IWT UK is part of a global network, our manufacturing base in Casale Litta, just a few kilometers away from Milan Malpensa International Airport in Italy. The manufacturing base has recently had a multi-million pound expansion and now exceeds 12,000sqm (129,000sqft) of production area, design studios, training and showroom facilities.

We have also invested in state-of-the-art laser cutters, orbital welders and robots for processing pipes and tubular parts. The warehouse is fully automated and aligned to a cGMP world which incorporates full overview and management of product and materials. IWT offer advanced 3D design technology, in-house to ensure we can fulfil your requirements, especially in terms of quality and flexibility.

Our comprehensive range of washing solutions include FULL cGMP product contact part washers, as well as high pressure washing systems either for bulk containers in cleaning-in-place applications or cabins for bulk parts and containers cleaning-out-of-place.

You are always welcome to visit our facilities both in the UK and Italy, we would like you to see for yourselves the passion and commitment that drive our team.

With our experience, we believe we can make your cleaning operations simply… excellent!

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Purchasing IWT products is only the start of your journey with us

IWT designs and manufactures industrial washing equipment and automation systems including vacuum transport systems and decontamination and sanitisation solutions. All our washing solutions are specifically engineered for the pre-clinical research field and pharmaceutical production industry.

IWT offers great value for money, whilst ensuring we deliver high quality and reliable products, this along with our after-sales services which includes the IWT UK project management team who ensures that your project is delivered on time and on budget, and the IWT UK Technical Services department who offer a wide range of service options, including bespoke packages and training.

Quality, Health & Safety Certifications

Our primary goal is to exceed the quality standards required by our customers abiding by the regulations, legal requirements and specifications that have been agreed.
We therefore require our own staff and management teams to perform at the highest standards. IWT is Quality System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 a certification which is gain through effective company processes and evaluation of risks.

IWT is committed to this Quality System philosophy and has ensured that this is reflected in our operations including Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Our goals are to have excellent production facilities, excellent customer service and excellent protection for our workforce.

IWT review practices on an annual basis, through a Quality Management Committee to monitor and evaluate causes of product non-conformity, inefficiencies, disputes or accidents, and to share necessary corrective and preventive action plans.
This ensures that IWT are continually improving and taking preventative measures with regards quality, hygiene, safety, alongside Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Please click below to view our certification.


Environmental Policy

IWT S.r.l. is a leading company in designing industrial washing machines and decontamination, sanitization and pneumatic conveying systems integrated with automations for pre-clinical research industry and pharma companies.

The company operates in a niche market experiencing a progressive increase of competitiveness in recent years, which push us to keep the products’ price under control, while satisfying the customer's expectation in receiving high quality, reliable and innovative products, together with a responsive and effective after-sales service.

IWT S.r.l. feels like a priority to guarantee product quality, customer loyalty and environmental protection. Besides, the company takes care about both territory needs and interested parties’ expectations.

IWT S.r.l. grounds its activity on risk management and adopt a systematic and comprehensive approach aimed at identifying, assessing, treating, and monitoring risks and opportunities regarding the whole organization.

For this purpose, the Company Management has embraced this Environmental Policy, in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The main goals are:

IWT S.r.l. adopts the principle of continuous improvement and embraces the WCM techniques. For this reason, it has implemented the IWT Production System as production organization system.

IWT People, belonging to every department, must follow the ethical and professional principles of the company and to encourage their internal and external diffusion.

Thanks to the Quality Management System and the commitment to Health and Safety, IWT S.r.l. wants to define the guidelines, goals, and results and to achieve:

On an annual basis, the Quality Management Committee of the company is committed to identify, evaluate, and keep under control, or remove, the identified causes of product non-conformity, inefficiencies, claims or injuries. Whenever impossible, the company applies itself for minimizing its effects, and undertaking appropriate corrective and preventive action plans.