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In order to continue supporting the Pharmaceutical Industry growth granting state of the art services, IWT decided to invest in an expansion plan starting with the acquisition of a large plot of land adjacent to the current headquarter. The master plan, over 9 million Euro investment, includes over 5000m² (54000ft²) of new buildings, for a new total operational floor area of over 12000m² (130000ft²).

This will become the customer services hub, centralizing the activities associated to Sales and marketing, Project Management, Service, Customer Care and administration. It will also include over 500m² (5500ft²) of new showrooms and a convention center with a capacity to host events with over 100 attendees.

It is designed to reach A4 class energy label and it includes a full kitchen where daily complementary lunches will be prepared for all employees and visitors. Everybody knows how important the aggregation moments around the dining tables are for Italians!

1500m² (16000ft²) dedicated to a state-of-the-art metal workshop and new assembly lines for the GMP Pharmaceutical washers. Attention to details is important to cope with the strict industry requirements and standards. Broadening and reviewing the flow of the internal metal workshop with further investments in new laser cutter, orbital welders and polishing machines is essential.

Space is never enough, it is crucial to expand production lines and lean islands, everything to guarantee ever-faster delivery times against the constant increase in demand. The relocation of the offices and showrooms will free almost 1000m² (11000ft²) in the existing working space, those will be reused to:

Warehouses, lean islands and machines dismounting and packing areas are foundamental infrastructures to ensure quality on top of fast delivery times

So to allow even larger scale testing, here is where the “magic” is happening and where the innovation has its roots

In the former cafeteria, with services meant to foster the health and peace-of-mind of our employees. In the Tecniplast group we strongly believe that a genuine working environment is synonymous with productivity, efficiency and punctuality.




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Iwt srl is located in:

Via Galliani 68A, 21020 Casale Litta (VA) Italy.

In Google map you will find directions to reach our headquarters from the Malpensa Airport.