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MLine Q&A: session 3 - “Smart and easy to maintain”

// July, 2023

MLine Q&A: session 3 - “Smart and easy to maintain”

Last appointment with our Real Life and Experiences Q&A series!

In this Q&A session, our clients comment on how user-friendly and easy to use the MLine is in daily operations, as well as how smart and easy to maintain in the long term.

What do you think of these insights? Have they been useful for you? We hope to have clarified some of your doubts, questions, and curiosities.

Contact us for further insights on the MLine or other machines in our cleaning portfolio: we will promptly reply to you or put you in touch with our users for direct feedback from the field!

1. What's your feedback on IWT equipment and processes? Can anyone operate them?

They are very user-friendly once cycles are set. Even then, the operator access level is very limited in what they can access on the HMI, which makes it easier for him/her to navigate through.

2. Did you have problems connecting the equipment to the production network? Can the central station (if you have one) be operated remotely?
We currently don’t connect the MLine to our network.

3. Is programmed maintenance executed by IWT technicians, or can it be handled by a normal plant technician properly trained?
We purchased twice-yearly servicing as we use the unit quite a bit. We have installed the pumps in-house but have also had IWT’s local partner out here twice for servicing in the past year. Basic stuff can be handled in-house, and more extensive fixes by IWT. But again, we use ours a lot, so it makes sense for us to have the experts come to make sure everything is good as they may catch something.

4. The use of high pressure demands special accessories to handle it. How have you been doing with the lifespan of these accessories? Do they need high replacement frequency?
After approximately a year of frequent daily use, we encountered some leakage issues with the detergent pumps and had to replace them. Additionally, we replaced certain sections of the hosing. However, it is important to note that inspecting and replacing the detergent hoses is part of our routine maintenance. It is recommended to replace these components annually, particularly when working with chemicals that are known to be aggressive towards polymer materials. We have replaced the HMI screen as well - but that was damaged by a metal object striking it!

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