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MLine Q&A: session 2 - “Equipment versatility and reliability”

// July, 2023

MLine Q&A: session 2 - “Equipment versatility and reliability”

Welcome to the second Q&A session about the MLine that arose from the curiosity of a potential customer put in contact with a user of our IWT High Pressure Washer.

The information shared by our customer didn't just touch on the "before and after," but also addressed the versatility and reliability of our equipment.

Read the questions and answers below to learn more. And please contact us for any further questions, we'll be happy to answer them!

1. What kind of products do you process in the tanks, such as water-miscible solutions, oily solutions, viscous products, or others?
We primarily process salt-based buffers, various broths (including those containing animal-free raw materials), and some sugar solutions up to 70% concentration.

2. Does the full cleaning and sanitization time vary depending on the type of product?
No, for the M-Line, we currently use the same cycle for all products. Occasionally, an additional final rinse is required due to our conductivity requirements. In those cases, a quick 2-minute rinse is performed.

3. One of the advantages that IWT mentioned is the time saved by using high-pressure water. Have you faced any security issues regarding this?
We have not had any issues. We use the facility valves to shut off water supplied to the M-Line when not in use and turn it on when in use. The lance is secured to the tank via tri-clamp, and the high-pressure hose supplied with the M-Line is connected via a quick connect that will not disconnect if the line is pressurized.

4. Has the integrity of your tanks been affected by the high pressures?
No, we have not seen any adverse effects on the tanks themselves in the year that we have been using the M-Line. We use the unit at about 20-50% pump power. We utilize the unit at approximately 50% pump power, which provides ample pressure for our specific requirements.

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