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M-line: IBCs cleaning performance evaluation study

// August, 2019

M-line: IBCs cleaning performance evaluation study

The introduction of a new API in any production line can represent a challenge due to its possible incompatibility with the existing cleaning procedures, either from a removal and a microbiological point of view. 

The study here shows not only an example of service and support activity that IWT performs at your side, but it is a “modus operandi”, a methodology fundamental for all the benefits this approach brings with it.

The testing trials, in fact, are a professional way to set a cleaning procedure, to prove its efficacy and to ensure all pieces can be perfectly clean exceeding all your acceptance criteria.

The consequent introduction of the M-Line mobile high pressure washer brings to you a repeatable and validate method to automatize and standardize the cleaning operations in your solid manufacturing area.

The early collaboration with our experts, additionally, helps in identify potential improvements in processing times and reduced water/detergents consumptions, both essential factors in your ROI (Return On Investment) analysis. Investing in the M-line system, thanks to its mobile design, also mitigates the collateral infrastructural costs and represents a simpler add-on to any existing and running operations.


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