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IWT proudly announces its ISO 14001:2015 certification!

// April, 2023

IWT proudly announces its ISO 14001:2015 certification!

We are proud to have achieved ISO 14001 certification. It demonstrates IWT's commitment to responsible business and green economic growth.

We believe that a responsible green economy is the only way to meet today's needs and protect the environment. We know that our future depends on the health of our Planet, and we must do our best to preserve it for future generations.

This certification comes at the end of a journey that has been marked by a series of goals that we have successfully achieved and fully embraced. The green soul of IWT touches every aspect of our business, because we strive to create manufacturing processes and products that are ever more environmentally friendly.

Our 2022 was full of results and achievements in energy savings and process optimisation. We have actively reduced our global carbon footprint through our extensive recycling initiatives and our commitment to preserving natural resources and combating the negative effects of climate change.

As a result of these efforts, we've been awarded ISO 14001:2015, an important recognition of our efforts in reducing our environmental impact while maintaining the high quality solutions for our customers.

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