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7 Reasons Why you Should Automate your Washing Processes

// January, 2024

7 Reasons Why you Should Automate your Washing Processes

Washing automation is increasingly prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry. New manufacturing facilities and refurbishment projects are embracing washing automation, shifting from manual washing to more standardized, repeatable, and automated processes.

Manual washing processes pose high risks, especially when handling heavy components and engaging in repetitive actions. Additional risks involve exposure to allergens and musculoskeletal disorders.

IWT Pharma leads the way with innovative washing solutions; here's how automation can benefit you, your team, and your budget!

Tailor-Made Washing Recipes: Automation empowers you to design the perfect washing process for your components, whether it's glassware, blenders, bins, hoses, punch and die sets, or aseptic filling lines.

You can set parameters such as water temperature, washing detergents, water type, and rinse options, ensuring the highest standard of washing while conserving energy and resources.

  • Validation: Automated systems enable you to validate your washing processes, ensuring consistent high standards every time.
  • Improved Washing Standards: Automation is pivotal in maintaining high standards of washing practices and cleaning rigor. It enhances quality control, manages contamination, and boosts productivity.
  • Enhanced Staff Safety: Automation contributes to improving staff safety by standardizing procedures, boosting morale, and reducing health and safety concerns.
  • Cost Control: Automation helps REDUCE costs through five simple strategies: minimizing labor, increasing productivity, maximizing equipment utilization, minimizing downtime, and redirecting staff to higher-value work.
  • Space-Efficient Solutions: Limited space in your washing area? No problem! We provide opportunities to integrate automated washing equipment into virtually any size of manufacturing unit, offering flexible, adaptable, and scalable choices.
  • Return on Investment: The combination of these advantages ensures a significant return on investment.

If you're seeking to reduce costs, prioritize staff safety, and implement reliable and repeatable washing procedures, contact us at info@iwtpharma.com.

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