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GMP Cleaning Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industries.

RACKS AND BASKETS - Standardized and tailored loading accessories

  • No cross-contamination between batches 
  • Deep and accurate clean/dry of each and every corner/cavity of the processed parts granted by multiple dedicated spraying orifices
  • Precise water flow (coverage) and pressure (mechanical action).
  • Designed around customer’s needs to grant perfect cleaning results
  • Suitable to accommodate parts from different processing equipment
  • Easy and quick loading thanks to intuitive 1 to 1 positioning of every item
  • Full coverage and drainability with precise flushing of the smallest and hidden areas
  • 3D modelling and digital simulations to verify and proof the final design
  • Made in AISI 316L (1.4404) with ASME-BPE fully welded piping

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