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Pharma Cleaning Forum - Israel Edition: a special THANKS!

// July, 2017

Pharma Cleaning Forum - Israel Edition: a special THANKS!

IWT Pharma Cleaning Forum hits the road and land in Israel with the collaboration and precious support of our local partner Labotal, which hosted a full day of presentations and discussions well attended by over 65 professionals in the field. The IWT Pharma Cleaning Forum has the goal to share and spread expertise in and from the industry as part of a “never stop learning” attitude which join both end-users and us as manufacturers.

The agenda covered a comprehensive set of arguments meant to explore engineering but also regulatory aspects associated to the cleaning and validation processes, topics nowadays more and more essentials within pharma manufacturing organizations:

  • identification of the cleaning challenges in the day by day applications
  • analysis of the normative around cleaning validation
  • focus on the microbiological aspects in sterile and non-sterile processes with regards to the PAT and QbD guidelines and concepts
  • overview of the “cleaning in place” and “cleaning out of place” solutions and case studies

We are deeply grateful to all the international speakers: Eng. Rafi Shavit, Dr. Larry Greenstein and Dr. Gilberto Dalmaso, who elevate the value of this seminar with their important and professional interventions.

A special thanks goes to all attendees who have made this event simply a success and a great moment of learning and sharing for everyone:

Very useful day! The seminar of cleaning method supported the way we work at our plant”

“We learnt a few things we would like to check their deployment in our organization”

“This forum has been very interesting and professionally organized. The selection of topics and quality of the talks have been extremely useful and informative to me”

We returned home strongly convinced we are on the right path, IWT is a company that aims to the cleaning excellence, but this can only be achieved evolving the machine design conceived from a traditional point of view to an engineering process where our equipment is part of a more complete solution meant to produce results for our clients. The design based on quality, accuracy and reliability combined with the most advanced process analytical technologies, everything mixed with a deep understanding of international guidelines, customer’s operations and validation requirements, those are the genetic markers of the 360° approach of IWT conscious product development.

Stay tuned for the next IWT Pharma Cleaning Forum editions!

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