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// November, 2016


IWT 200 contact parts washer, the latest born in our portfolio, is now up and running in different sites with great satisfaction of end users. Since the equipment has been installed the set up times for product changeover has been reduced of over 50% thanks to its very quick cycles (less than 25 minutes).

The 200 washing effectiveness and repeatability are further enhanced by the tailored loading baskets specifically designed for those applications.

The validation process included the washing of every single contact part with the aim to verify, under chemical and microbiological points of view, the proper removal of both pharmaceutical product and detergent as well as the appropriate CFU log reduction.

The high temperature (82-85°C / 180-185°F) used for the final rinse with purified water is indirectly speeding up the natural drying of the load contributing to considerably improve cycle times. This, combined with the final cool down phase, permits to reuse the processed components immediately.   

The preparation of the related SOPs and the custom training for operators have been just the last steps, after on-site cleaning validation, to receive the final approval by QA/QC to eventually automatize the washing processes on daily basis.

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