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// January, 2017


IWT presents the latest introduction to its Cabinet Washers Family: the 900C equipment, the most effective and versatile solution for the automation of cleaning procedures in the cosmetic, nutraceutical and unclassified pharmaceutical areas.

Designed with IWT top quality standards in mind, 900C features a large loading capacity – over 4m³, with quick lock device to connect custom made baskets for critical components – in a compact footprint, which makes it the ideal solution for either new and existing facilities.
Besides fitting customers’ requirements in terms of layout, IWT 900C modularity allows to create tailored, yet fully controlled and validated, cleaning cycles combining pre-washing (as an option), washing, dripping, rinsing and drying (optional) phases. For each of these stages, moreover, water type, temperature and detergent (if required) can be selected, obtaining top productivity on repetitive loads.

Multiple water connections and complete separate circuits for washing and rinsing are IWT assurance of quality cleaning, while the sanitization cycle is performed by means of clean steam injection. The drying of both load and chamber, and an exclusive slanted floor to enhance water dripping from flat surface, assure top outputs.

900C can be steam or electrically heated and features single or double interlocking doors for loading and unloading procedures. The technical department, which can house up to 2 detergent tanks, can be easily accessed via the front hinged door. User friendly, 900C is equipped with a multicolor 7” touch screen and PLC, and it allows data transfer of batch reports in electronic format via USB port.

If you are looking for an outstanding cleaning solution assuring top  operators’ safety and process repeatability, as well as monitoring and traceability of sensitive parameters while optimizing time and running costs, then IWT 900C is the equipment you are looking for!

Contact us for further details: info@iwtpharma.com

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